Is a Broken Denture Considered a Dental Emergency?

May 2, 2023

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a broken denture

Missing teeth can affect many areas of your life. It negatively impacts your self-confidence, as well as the functionality of your smile, including chewing and speaking. Once you complete your pearly whites with dentures, you begin to rely on them as if they are your natural teeth. So, when your denture unexpectedly breaks, it can be alarming! However, is it a dental emergency? Read on to learn the answer and what to do if your denture is broken.

First Things First: Why Do Dentures Break?

There are a few things that can cause your denture to break. Here are the most common causes:

  • Accidents— Every time you remove your dentures, you risk dropping them and causing breakage.
  • Wear and Tear— Even the most meticulously crafted dentures are not designed to last a lifetime; they can naturally weaken over the years.
  • Progressive Bone Loss— Over time, your jawbone can diminish due to bone loss, which can cause your prosthetic to lack become ill-fitting. Without a lack of stability, various pressure points can make your denture crack or break.
  • Improper Care— Failure to properly clean and maintain your denture on a daily basis can cause it to wear down more quickly.

What Should You Do if Your Denture Breaks?

If any part of your denture breaks, you should call your emergency dentist. It is considered an emergency since wearing a cracked or fractured denture can injure your jaw, your remaining teeth, and the inside of your mouth! Additionally, you don’t want to take the matter into your own hands by trying to fix them on your own. You could cause more harm and could result in having to replace your entire prosthetic when your dentist could have just repaired the original denture.

How Can Your Dentist Help?

Visiting your dentist as soon as possible ensures an expedient return to enjoying all the benefits of a complete smile! Here are some typical ways your dentist can help:

  • Reline your denture – If your denture doesn’t fit well anymore, or the damage is minor and mostly on the underside, then your dentist can reshape the surface to create a more comfortable fit.
  • Replace your denture– Often, a denture that is several years old and severely damaged will need to be replaced entirely.
  • Consider an implant denture – If your dentist believes that you’re a good candidate for dental implants, they may suggest an implant denture. Securing a denture onto titanium steel posts embedded into the jawbone, which mimics your natural tooth roots, provides a more stable and long-lasting replacement. Plus, they give your bite power so you can eat all of your favorite foods!

If your denture is broken, there is no need to panic. An emergency dental visit will soon have you back to your everyday life with a complete, healthy smile!

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