Can You Brush Dentures While They’re in Your Mouth?

July 14, 2023

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patient cleaning dentures with a toothbrush

Balancing work, quality time with loved ones, and denture care can be demanding. While cleaning dentures while wearing them might appear convenient, it’s not always the most efficient approach. Explore the suggested method to maintain your dentures for enhanced oral health. Keep reading to uncover the advantages of proper denture care and its positive impact on your overall well-being.


Is a Broken Denture Considered a Dental Emergency?

May 2, 2023

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a broken denture

Missing teeth can affect many areas of your life. It negatively impacts your self-confidence, as well as the functionality of your smile, including chewing and speaking. Once you complete your pearly whites with dentures, you begin to rely on them as if they are your natural teeth. So, when your denture unexpectedly breaks, it can be alarming! However, is it a dental emergency? Read on to learn the answer and what to do if your denture is broken.


How to Find an Emergency Dentist When You Need One Immediately

March 2, 2023

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dentists moving rapidly around a patient

When your tooth is in pain, the last thing you want to do is to have to scramble to find a dentist. However, there isn’t a better way to relieve that discomfort than to talk to a professional, which means that patients who don’t already have an emergency dentist in mind usually wind up frantically searching for someone to help them.

If you’re in that position, or if you just want to be prepared for the future, here’s how you can find a dentist in an emergency.


5 Foods and Beverages to Stay Away From After Having Your Teeth Whitened

January 14, 2023

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Cup of coffee on plate surrounded by beans

Once you’ve completed a professional whitening treatment, you’ll be able to see the difference that a brighter smile can make for your appearance and your confidence. Naturally, the last thing you’ll want is to undo the dazzling results by eating or drinking the wrong thing. Unfortunately, there are quite a few seemingly innocent meals and drinks that can end up staining your grin. If you want to protect your newly whitened teeth, stay away from these 5 foods and beverages as much as possible.